Isolation Combinatie manufactures and installs fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation systems for many different industries, both onshore and offshore. The name Insulation Combination is well known in the industry and has been used since 1977. Recently, in addition to the name Insulatie Combinatie, the term the IC Insulation Contractor has been introduced which is used in various communications and on the website.


Production of Isolatie Combinatie

The production facility for prefabrication of sheet metal insulation systems and cladding parts covers an area over 1200 m2 and is strategically situated right next to the A9 in Beverwijk. In addition to the production, also design support and calculations regarding the performance of the systems are provided from this location. For example, Insolatie Combinatie can help clients with calculations such as maximum surface temperature, heat loss and heating and cooling. In addition, Isolatie Combinatie has a facility for the production of insulation mattresses and light weight insulation systems which are also made to customer specifications by qualified staff.


Installing insulation on site

Many industries are working with tight schedules or fixed maintenance cycles. The installation of fire, acoustic or thermal insulation not only requires good preparation from the production side but also requires often a structured approach and precise logistical planning. Through a high degree of flexibility, Isolatie Combinatie is able to match customers needs in manpower and material with the existing schedules at the location.


Maximum Quality

Deliver what we promise. Delivering high-quality insulation systems, that is what we stand for at Isolatie Combinatie. We invest in our quality through our quality management system ISO 9001 and believe that, next to a well-coordinated planning, product quality and performance are key to the success of your project.