Especially in Energy industry the application of insulation can contribute to substantial and sometimes even huge cost savings. These savings are not only caused by an improved process efficiency when cooling or heating media but also by reduced fuel consumptions and a reduction of the CO2 emissions (preventing government sanctions). IC has over 40 years of experience in installing, refurbishing and maintaining insulation systems in the energy industry and we provide solutions for:

Insulation applications

Be it a natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewable or waste-to-energy systems, IC provides a matching solution for the specific insulation needs. The insulation solutions are not only applied to boilers, furnaces or turbines, often with large dimensions, but also to belonging pumping stations and pipelines transporting e.g. steam and fuels. In many situations flexible mattresses (jackets) are used to provide the desired insulation of individual components like valves and manifolds. Larger components or conduits are often fitted with a permanent or semi-permanent hard shell insulation.


Also for medium sized power plants and fuel transport systems

Next to providing insulation services for large installations IC also provides solutions for medium sized energy and power systems like power units for hospitals and communication centres. Also IC has provided and installed insulation solutions for gas transport locations in the Netherlands.


Safety first - when working at your location

Not only is the staff of IC familiar with many permit to work systems but we are also very conscious of all required safety provisions. From the ‘Safety first’ perspective we have a strong commitment to work in a safe and responsible manner with the utmost respect for the health and safety of employees, customer staff and the environment in which we operate.


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The construction and installation of insulation systems is always performed in close cooperation with our clients. IC is aware that each installation has its own requirements and next to the construction and installation we also provide design and engineer support were required. We can help you with different kinds of thermal calculations, like heat loss, max surface temperature and heat up/ cool down times.  Also we can help clients visualise the costs and corresponding repayment period for their installation. Contact us for more information.

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