IC has more than 40 years of experience in designing and installing insulation systems for fixed and transportable tanks, vessels and trailers. The thermal, cold and cryogenic insulation is used for proper temperature control of tanks with both liquids, emulsions and gases.


Thermal insulation for tank storage


Tank insulation for fixed tanks

When storing liquids in tanks, it is often important that the contents of the tanks be maintained at a constant temperature. In addition to a temperature retention, in many situations it is also necessary to take into account the reduction of energy losses, moisture influences, possible gas exchanges and effects of light. Also, the formation of condensation within the tank insulation should be avoided. IC helps with the design and provides a professional installation of your tank insulation. With this it will create a better balance between the temperature in the tank and the outside temperature and keeps your product optimally cold or hot.


Insulation solutions for mobile tanks & trailers

IC has a lot of experience in applying PU (polyurethane) insulation to trailers and transportable tanks including tanks for transporting liquid CO2 gas. The insulation is applied in combination with corresponding vapour screens and plate finishes. A PU insulation system is easy to install, even on existing tanks, and can be repaired quickly in case of damage. In addition, insulation with polyurethane material is relatively light, which reduces fuel costs in transport. IC carries out the insulation of tanks in very varying sizes from a few decimeters to tens of meters.

Cold insulation of CO2 trailers and tankers


For more information on the isolation of CO2 tanks, see our Case study sheet Cold insulation of trailers and tanks and the news item Insulation of tanks and trailers for CO2 transport.


Cryogenic LNG, LPG, O2, N2 tank insulation

The liquefaction, storage and transportation of cryogenic media such as LNG (-160°C) or LPG requires high-performance insulation systems. Parameters such as thermal stresses, vibrations and required safety provisions have to be considered when engineering, manufacturing and installing cold insulation systems for these applications.

Insulation for tank storage of liquid gas


Insulation systems for liquid oxygen (-183°C) and liquid nitrogen (-196°C) require again a different kind of approach. For example, the insulation and cladding of liquid oxygen vessels or pipes must be absolutely grease free to avoid any risk on spontaneous ignition.



IC is a supplier with a lot of experience in the field of tank insulation with a high reliability and quality at a competitive price. Our facility is designed to isolate large systems and trailers within a relatively short time frame. We also install systems on location with much attention to safety. Contact IC for more information and a project tailored to your project. More information about the solutions for cold and cryogenic insulation and thermal process isolation you can find under the menu item products.

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