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Industrial Insulation

Manufacturer, supplier and installer of industrial insulation

For over 40 years, Isolatie Combinatie (IC) manufactures, delivers and installs fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for industrial, onshore and offshore installations and machines. Our goal is to increase the reliability and safety in the industry and, where possible, to ensure energy savings. With its own design and production department IC can quickly respond to the needs and together with the client we will provide a 100% matching solution.


Acoustic Insulation

Jet Fire protection

Cold - cryogenic insulation

Fire protection

Thermal insulation

Heat tracing

Repair and overhaul


With custom made solutions and installation services for factories, oil rigs, on- and offshore plants, compressor facilities, tank farms and many more applications.


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Oil & Gas

Tank Storage

Petrochemical & Chemical





Every industry has its specific requirements. IC manufactures customized industrial insulations solutions and provides on-site installation services for many industries.


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Isolatie Combinatie

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Industrial insulation specialist

As a specialized company, Isolatie Combinatie (IC) provides solutions for all forms of industrial insulation. The systems are customized and are fully tailored to your process. Well-executed industrial insulation not only protects your staff but also ensures substantial energy savings and reductions in CO2 emissions.




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Are you looking for a custom made industrial insulation solution and with installation service? 
Do you require a reliable fire protection solution with belonging certification? 



Isolatie Combinatie has proven to be a reliable and expert partner for her relations. A Partner not only in the well known construction and proposal phase but most certainly also in design phase. Already in this design phase we can, by means of advice and calculations make a positive contribution to the success of every Industrial insulation project.


Expertise industrial insulation


More than 35 years of experience & close cooperation with clients.

Custom made industrial solutions


Industrial insulation solutions that fully fit your application.

Certified insulation solutions


According to the most recent standards for maximum safety.


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