IGNIS PFP-BOX ™ - Jet Fire Protection

The IGNIS PFP-BOX ™ provides highly effective protection against potential jet fires in the oil and gas industry. Fires in this industry can have catastrophic consequences, and proper protection of critical and explosive components is essential. The IGNIS-PFP BOX is a customized and certified fire protective box, panel or wall made out of 316 stainless steel material with a composite multi-layer insulation core that provides superior passive fire protection.Highly effective protection against potential jet fires

Class JF150 - The ultimate protection for equipment and personnel

Fire protection boxes can be fully customized to fit the application that can be both offshore and onshore. The panels from which the boxes are constructed, have been tested at flame temperatures of 1,150°C and provide a fire protection for 2.5 hours under extreme jet fire load. During this exposure, the panels retain their integrity and ensure, thanks to the high-quality insulation core, for a relatively small and defined temperature increase on the inside. The double-sided stainless steel 316 panel provides a weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free protection.

Fire protection boxes for offshore and onshore

Lloyd's certified - ISO 22899-1 2007

The IGNIS-PFP panel, which is the building block for IGNIS-PFP BOX has been tested for 2.5 hours according to the ISO 22899-1 2007 Jet Fire standard on the DNV GL test site at Spadeadam in the UK. At the end of the 2.5 hours of intensive exposure, a stable average cold face temperature of 178°C has been registered. 

Testing ignis pfp box

The test has resulted in a successful Lloyd’s Register Certification (no. SAS F160347). The certificate and additional information are available on request.


Also for fire protective wall or panel

With the self-supporting structure the IGNIS-PFP BOX is also suitable for use as a fire protection wall or panel. The appropriate fire resistance class of the other structural elements and compounds is of crucial importance in these applications. For more information about the integration options please contact the advisors of IC.


Fire protection jacketsHybrid systems – with fire protection jackets

The IGNIS-PFP BOX can be used in conjunction with fire-resistant jackets or mattresses as a hybrid system. The Jackets, provided by a partner of IC are also certified in accordance with ISO 22899-1 2007.


Hatches and entries

The IGNIS-PFP BOX can be provided with fire proof pipe penetrations, inspection hatches and air vent openings. Jet fire tests have been conducted at the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) in Buxton UK. During the tests, all elements retained full integrity and the air vent closed within 5 seconds after first flame contact. After one hour, the maximum temperature at cold face side remained limited to temperatures between 90°C and 150°C.


Installation of the fire protection and maintenance

Besides the installation IC also provides aftercare in the form of maintenance and periodic inspections of the fire-protecting installations. Also future assistance can be given when removing and placing the boxes and/or panels. Customized service contracts are available on request.


More information

Do you want to know more about jetfire protection with the IGNIS-PFP BOX or fire-resistant jackets/ mattresses? Please contact us or request a quotation.


Download the product leaflet of the IGNIS-PFP BOX.




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