Construction components and technical installations of offshore and onshore locations often suffer from corrosion. Examples are engine guards, doors, (fire-resistant) panels, sound boxes and ducts. Corrosion/rust can lead to not properly closing doors and panels, unwanted sound leakages or other risky leaks and potential breakage. Rust often not only occurs on the outside, but there can also be rust on the inside of panels and ducts. This form of corrosion in particular can lead to unexpected and increased risks as it is not visible.


door overhaulAn example of a door overhaul

Repair and overhaul of metal components

IC takes care of the overhaul and repair of existing technical and construction components with work taking place on-site (including offshore) or in the IC workshop. The blasting and recoating of a corroded component is sometimes not sufficient. Instead of a complete replacement, a make-over, the creating of duplicate component or a new component by IC, may be a good alternative. Repairs and/or overhauls are often faster and often result in cost savings.



Repairs in the IC workshop

repair panelsAn example of repair and overhaul of panels with hatches and passages

Components and construction components such as doors, panels and the like are transported to the IC workshop in Beverwijk in consultation with the client. The components are completely stripped, cleaned from rust, and treated. The component can also be provided with steel patches, depending on the nature of the damage and the corrosion (especially for side sills, corners and edges). The component will, if necessary, be equipped with new insulation, glass, rubber profiles and hinges and locks. A robust coating system will be applied after the repair work. The repaired and revised components will be returned to the client as new after a thorough check.


Components and structures can be provided with new or additional insulation and accessories during the overhaul. Design modifications are also possible.

on site repairAn example of on-site repair and revision of corroded ducts


Our other insulation and project solutions

In addition to Repairs and revisions, Isolatie Combinatie also offers solutions for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, cryogenic insulation, Jet-fire protection, insulation audits, repairs and revision and even turn-key projects including painting, scaffold building and construction work.


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