Cold insulation requires a high level of craftsmanship; any small non-system application or vapour barrier penetration can cause significant icing. Faults cannot just put the process at risk and influence the quality of products but may also lead to considerable energy and evaporation loses or unwanted pipe corrosion.


High-performance insulation systems

High-performance insulation systems

The liquefaction, storage and transportation of cryogenic media such as LNG (-160°C) or LPG requires high-performance insulation systems. Parameters such as thermal stresses, vibrations and required safety provisions have to be considered when engineering, manufacturing and installing cold insulation systems for these applications.


Insulation systems for liquid oxygen (-183°C) and liquid nitrogen (-196°C) require again a different kind of approach. For example, the insulation and cladding of liquid oxygen vessels or pipes must be absolutely grease free to avoid any risk on spontaneous ignition.


Multi-layer cold insulationMulti-layer cold insulation

Often, multi-layer constructions consisting of different materials, protective layers and at least one but possible more vapour barriers are needed to achieve an adequate cold insulation. Materials like Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and Polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam or cellular glass may be used in these layers and a cladding of e.g. stainless steel, aluminised steel or UV cured GRP is applied to provide the necessary weather protection.


Applications of thermal insulation

Thermal, cold and cryogenic insulation can be installed on piping systems with large and small diameters as well as mobile containers, ships, off shore applications, vertical cryo tanks and large storage tanks.


Advice and installation service

The Design and construction of cold and cryogenic insulation systems is always performed in close cooperation with material manufacturers and our clients. IC is aware that each installation has its own requirements and next to the construction and installation we also provide design and engineer support when required. Contact us for more information on cold / cryogenic insulation systems.


Our other insulation and project solutions

In addition to cryogenic insulation, Isolatie Combinatie also offers solutions for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, fire-retardant insulation, Jet-fire protection, insulation audits, repairs and revision and even turn-key projects including painting, scaffold building and construction work.


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