For over 40 years IC provides safe thermal and fire proofing insulation solutions for tank storage and oil terminal applications. One of our first clients, back in 1977 was the owner of an oil terminal in the Port of Amsterdam. Since then, IC has not only provided insulation services and solutions to neighbouring terminals but also many facilities abroad.


The solutions of IC consist of:

Insulating tanks, pumps and pipelines

The insulation solutions are not only applied to storage tanks with often large diameters but also to belonging pumping stations and pipelines transporting e.g. chemicals, crude oil and heavy fuel oil. In many situations flexible mattresses (Jackets) are used to provide the desired insulation of sealing and the covering of tank field penetrations. The removable insulation mattresses by IC enable equipment to be well insulated in addition to providing easy access to components bellows. Thermal insulation is also often applied to service lines such as steam, condensate and firewater lines. Where desired the insulation can be made walkable at the topside of piping bundles at ground level.


Combined thermal insulation and heat tracing

Pipelines including pump stations often require a combined heat tracing (steam or electrical) and thermal insulation approach. This will for example avoid any crystallisation or coagulation of media in the lines. IC can help you with different kinds of thermal calculations, like heat loss, max surface temperature and heat up/ cool down times. Where required pumps may also be provided with acoustic insulation.


Safety when working at your location

Not only is the staff of IC familiar with many permit to work systems but we are also very conscious of all required safety provisions. From the ‘Safety first’ perspective we have a strong commitment to work in a safe and responsible manner with the utmost respect for the health and safety of employees, customer staff and the environment in which we operate.


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