IC provides solutions for insulation works, maintenance and modification services within the chemical and petrochemical industry. With over 40 years of experience IC is familiar with many complex processes and large process installations.


The IC solutions consist of bespoke systems and installation services for:

Fulfilling insulation and logistic needs

The installation of fire, acoustic or thermal insulation not only requires good preparation from the production side but also requires often a structured approach and precise logistical planning. Through a high degree of flexibility, we are able to match your needs in manpower and material with the existing schedules at your location.


Safety first

Not only is the staff of IC familiar with many permit to work systems but we are also very conscious of all required safety provisions. From the ‘Safety first’ perspective we have a strong commitment to work in a safe and responsible manner with the utmost respect for the health and safety of employees, customer staff and the environment in which we operate.


Dedicated and involved

Since the early ‘80s IC is the insulation-maintenance contractor for the Shell Global Solutions at the location Amsterdam and in this way has made its contribution optimizing and protecting many innovative developments in the petrochemical industry.


Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is in chemical and petrochemical processes often applied on hot surfaces like exhaust systems to protect personnel. It can be applied as an anti-freezing protection on e.g. cooling water lines. Also process can be further optimized by improving process heat conservation or by avoiding crystallisation or coagulation of media. The engineers of IC can install the thermal insulation in combination with heat tracing to further improve processes and minimize process risks.


Fire protection

In many chemical and petrochemical installations fire protection is a major issue. With our new IGNIS PFP-BOX ™ we now can not only provide you with the regular high standard of fire protection but also with Jet Fire (JF150) classified protection solutions.


Acoustic insulation

With the acoustic insulation provisions and systems of IC you can not only protect your staff working in the vicinity of the noisy process installations but also reduce noise emissions to the environment.


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Contact IC in Beverwijk Holland or request a quote. We are more than willing to help you with the design of your systems and perform calculations in relation to heat transfer or fire ratings. Please view a selection of our previous projects under the menu item references.

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