For over 40 years IC has been providing insulation solutions for the food and beverage industry. Thermal insulation helps to enhance the process performance, reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency and next to this it will contribute to a safer working environment protecting staff against burning risks. IC also provides acoustic insulation solutions to not only protect staff against noise in the production environment but also to reduce sound emissions to the environment. For cold insulation applications IC provides solutions for fixed installations, like blast freezers, but also for transport equipment such as refrigerated trucks, containers or cooling installations on ships.


The food industry insulation solutions of IC:


One thing that all of IC’s food industry solutions have in common; There is much attention given to hygiene, the cleanability of systems and clean working practices when installing the insulation solutions.


Where to start?

IC provides a wide range of solutions to large multinationals in the food industry but also small and even one man companies. Contact IC in Beverwijk Holland to discuss your requirements. We are more than willing to assist you with the design and any thermal calculations. View a selection of our projects under the menu item references.

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