The provision of thermal insulation at industrial facilities is often initiated by a desire to increase safety and process reliability, and at the same time to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For over 40 years, IC constructs and installs customized solutions for the efficient isolation of heat generating applications but also cold processes.


The application of thermal insulation

The application of thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is for example applied on hot surfaces like exhaust systems to protect personnel against burning. It can be applied as an anti-freezing system on e.g. potable water lines or fire water lines. Also processes can be further optimized by improving process heat conservation or by avoiding crystallisation or coagulation of media. The engineers of IC can install the thermal insulation in combination with electrical or steam heat tracing to even further improve process and minimize risks.


Composition of the insulation

The thickness of the applied insulation will be fully dependable on the installation or pipework and defined thermal requirements. Where needed IC can apply multi-layer constructions with different insulation materials and one more vapour barriers. Also metal casings are often an integral part of the insulation to provide even further protection or to enable an easy removal of the insulation for maintenance purposes.


Thermal insulation mattresses and insulation mattingInsulating jackets and mattresses

IC produces tailor made industrial insulating jackets and mattresses in house. Due to the great flexibility they can easily be fitted on e.g. turbines, engines, heat exchangers, valves, extruders and process tools and lines. The removable insulation mattresses by IC enable equipment to be well insulated in addition to providing easy access to components bellows. The mattresses and jackets can be coded by IC to avoid miss fittings after overhauls or maintenance work on installations.


Energy saving potential and calculationsEnergy saving potential and calculations

With well-engineered thermal insulation big savings can be achieved. Not only savings in production costs but also in an indirect way reducing CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions and minimizing carbon footprint of end products. The savings can be proven in calculations where IC can help you with, for example calculations like; max surface temperature, heat loss and heat up/ cool down times. IC can also help clients visualise their return on investment and calculate the corresponding repayment period of a selected insulation system.


Where to start?

In general, our recommendation is to start with a site survey. With collected information and insulation requirements a plan of action will be made including the design, operations planning and installation. Contact us for more information on tank insulation solutions.


Our other insulation and project solutions

In addition to thermal insulation, Isolatie Combinatie also offers solutions for acoustic insulation, cryogenic insulation, fire-retardant insulation, Jet-fire protection, insulation audits, repairs and revision and even turn-key projects including painting, scaffold building and construction work.


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